Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I took this picture back in 1976 just outside of Wheeler Air Force Base in Hawaii.  This was one of two pictures I snapped of the abandoned playground.  I found this picture taped on one of my old high school folders.  My favorite picture, the second shot... has long been destroyed.  It was taken at a different angle and showed an old howizer (big gun!) just off to the left.  I called the picture Lost Innocence because of the sadness I felt by the sight of a weapon of war in a broken down playground.  I hope one day to come across the original negative for the pictures, they were the start of my passion for still photography. 

Saturday, November 6, 2004


I posted this picture on one of my other boards, but re-introduced myself to it while searching for pictures to send my son Gabe.  This is probably my favorite and most inspirational photograph, taken this summer near Grand Junction, Colorado just before a summer storm.


This is my pride and joy, my Royal typewriter.  It was a yard sale find, I got it for $40.  Its in working condition, just needs a new ribbon and a little cleaning as the keys tend to stick a little.  Once I get a little time I hope to get it cleaned up.  Nope, its not for sale!