Thursday, June 14, 2007


Summer just doesn't begin for me until I see the pelicans.  They seem to prefer to breed at Big Johnson Reservoir a few miles away, but always stop by at Carp Lake (aka The Pelican Pond) for the first couple of days. 

I got some pictures late yesterday afternoon, and was delighted to see them still at the pond this morning, floating lazily over the misty waters.  They were gone by this afternoon.  During mating season the pelicans bills turn bright orange and the males will develop a plate on the top of their beak.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Colorado Renaissance Festival 2006

These are the pictures I used for my musical slideshows that were posted on Youtube.  Once again I recommend that you view this as a slideshow by clicking 'View Larger' and selecting the slideshow option from the top toolbar.


'Tis the season... tis Renaissance season.  Huzzah!  I found these old pictures stashed in my AOL album and thought I'd post them.  These are from 2005.  We have been going to the Faire since 1999 or 2000 (not really sure any more) but I didn't really start taking pictures until 2004 (still have to find those ones) after I went digital.

For best results I recommend that you click 'View Larger' and then select the slideshow option.