Monday, April 28, 2008


The weather man said it was spring.  The school teachers smile because its almost summer.  But it snowed last week.  I didn't know what to believe, until I saw a splash of white floating gracefully on Carp Lake yesterday, marking the return of the birds of summer. Today, by mid afternoon there were over 35 American White Pelicans on the pond.  This is the last pit stop before they make nest on Big Johnson Reservoir just a few miles away.  Today they rested, fished and washed down their dusty feathers.

A couple of Canada geese took exception to the overnight invasion and paddled over to reclaim the pond but the much larger pelicans barely paid them any notice.  After a few indignant honks, the geese flew away.  They will return when the flock of pelicans leave for their final destination in a day or two.