Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Cyber-chromatic Quilt:  Wild Flowers

I inherited my love for flowers from my parents.  Unfortunately I did not inherit their green thumbs and must be content with enjoying flowers in other peoples gardens.  These wild flowers were photographed with in the past few weeks during my many journeys to nearby ponds and meadows.  I would however like to point out that the beautiful dandelion at the end of my collect is one of my rare successes from my own garden.

FLOWER POWER: Round Robin Photo Challenge

Thursday, June 22, 2006

KIT CARSON (testing)

Riding Into The Sunset

I was just poking around in my AOL YGP albums and I came across this old favorite of mine of the Kit Carson statue on Fort Carson.  It was one of the first pictures taken with my Nikon shortly after I got it early last year.  Originally I posted the picture in black and white, but reposted it in color (no, that is not the natural color of the sunset, I increased the contrast and red tones for effect).  I also deleted the telephone poles and power lines to give an unobstructed view of the mountains in the distance.

Actually the real purpose behind the reposting of this picture was to test out the method of posting pictures directly from a YGP album, and it works great!  It comes at the perfect time too, I've almost used up all of my FTP space.

Friday, June 16, 2006


A large black bear was spotted in a tree not far from a training area and I was invited to take some pictures of it before it was shooed back to safer grounds.  The healthy bear rose at our approach but stood her ground on the bough of a huge shade tree.  It was soon discovered that she had a cub concealed in the branches higher up.  The decision was made by the wildlife officers to leave the bears alone and let them make their own way back to the safety of the nearby tree line. 

My husband returned to check on the bears later in the day and found them still lounging in the shade of the great branches.  The cub even poked its head out for a quick introduction before settling back down for a nap next to Mama.  You can see his pictures at: BEAR COUNTRY

A super dooper big 'THANKS!' to the guys who gave me this golden opportunity... (not sure I'm allowed to give names, but you guys know who you are.... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!)

FOUNTAIN, Colorado

I have photographed these lamp poles on many different occasions over the past two years but never seemed to get the right combination of wind, lighting, weather, composition and angle until this day.  Fountain, Colorado was voted as an All American City in 2000 and the city proudly carries on its welcoming hometown appeal to this day.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This past year has been very emotional for my family with my eldest son being deployed to Iraq.  Last month he was able to relax at home with us, away from the ugliness that is war.  Needless to say it was very difficult to put him back on to a plane to rejoin his 'brothers'.  This picture was taken at the airport shortly before he boarded the first of many planes that would take him once again in to harms way.  I don't know what father and son said to each other, I was trying hard to keep control of my own emotions.  Ironically I have managed to hold back the tears... until this very moment. 

I am so proud of my son and his commitment to his country, but I'm not ashamed to admit that I am scared to death for him.

The Round Robin Photo Challenges: Round Robin Challenge: Emotions


Like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's movie 'The Birds', this red-winged black bird flew circles over my head, occasionally swooping in lower while its mate and neighbors gathered in the nearby trees and reeds, chirping maniacally in my direction.  Although I suspected the cause of the bird's agitation, it wasn't until I was almost upon it that I noticed the intricately woven nest cleverly concealed in a thick stand of reeds.  I backed away so as not to disturb any little ones that might be in the nest, and continued on my hike around the pond, but the birds did not forgive and forget easily.  They followed me from tree to tree, scolding loudly until I finally climbed into my truck and drove away.

Monday, June 12, 2006


If I did my homework right, these petite little blossoms are mountain blue bells.  Never mind that my reference book was found in the tourist section at the local department store.

These delicate flowers ironically belong to the prickly pear cactus.  I have tried to avoid cactus at all cost since my unfortunate mishap last summer... but could not resist these beautiful blooms.  (read my cactus story here: CAN YOU SAY 'KLUTZ'? )

Cholla cactus is another thorn in my side... literally, but their flowers are beautiful as well.   Initially I approached the plant to get a picture of the flower, but at closer inspection I discovered that the center of the blossom was crawling with beetles.  I counted at least 20 insects of probably about 6 different species.  Too cool!  Creep, but cool!


Up until a couple of weeks ago I had never heard of, let alone seen a Western Tiger Swallowtail.  Now they flutter about every where I go.  I wanted to post this shot close enough to my other swallowtail to make a comparison.  The butterfly I found today at the pond had more distinct patterns and much more brilliant color.  I'm thinking it might be a male.  Neither of the butterflies showed concern by my presence, unlike their skittish Monarch cousins.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Western Tiger Swallowtail

Finally, my diligence paid off... or my stubbornness... which ever, but what ever it was, I finally got my butterfly picture.  Even the breeze cooperated just long enough for me to get a focused shot.  This may never happen again, so I am so grateful for the opportunity.  I am content.

Now... for that elusive lightning photo...

Thursday, June 1, 2006

STORMY, and a delightful discovery

Storm To The West

Just the other night I was cursing the storm that grounded my son's flight and cost him a whole day of the short time remaining of his leave from the war in Iraq.  Last night, with him back home again, I found the time to enjoy the beauty of nature in its full glory.  Storms can be beautiful to witness under the right circumstances.  I had no where better to be, and could view the storm from a safe distance.  A hole in the clouds relected a brilliant sunset and reassured the residents that there were blue skies close at hand.

Storm To The East

I have been trying to capture a good shot of lightning for a year now but the majority of the times I am prevented by the rain.  Last night I was fortunate to have the opportunity to witness the storm from a distance before the clouds opened up above me.  Unfortunately I have reflexes as quick as sludge.  I only caught this bolt because my husband was able to tell me when to click the shutter.  I used a lower shutter speed and aperture setting to lighten the exposure and catch some of the fore ground.  When I loaded the pictures on the computer later I discovered, much to my delight, the reason behind the absence of my pelicans.  They had moved from the Pelican Pond and were now taking up residence at the Reservoir.  (that's them just above the right side of the sandbar). 

As for my storm photography, well, I still need a LOT of work on getting my settings and exposures right.  But I wasn't disappointed with last night's shoot for the storm had led me to my old friends.  Finally, summer had truly arrived for me.  The pelicans, the birds of summer, had returned.