Thursday, November 8, 2007


For those of you who were wondering, I composed my video slide show using the Windows Photo Story 3 which came preloaded on my computer.  The program allows you to control the motion and transition of individual pictures as well as adding music.  Once I got the slide show finished I uploaded it to my Youtube account.  When I made my entry I clicked the little movie camera icon in the [Add Entry] toolbar, cut and pasted the embed link from my video's Youtube entry, saved my post and presto-whamo!  A video slide show on my journal.

There are many other programs that are compatible with AOL journals.  Different programs offer different features so you may want to check out a few to see if they offer what you need.  I like the simplicity of Photo Story 3, and I already have a Youtube account so I just stick with them, but some of the other programs can compose your entire slide show right online... pretty cool! 

To find a list of supported web sites, click here: Blogs Whitelist - AOL People Connection, or click on the [allowed list of selected Web sites] link in the [Add Entry] page.

I'm already looking forward to seeing a bunch of slide shows in your journals now.

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