Tuesday, February 1, 2005


Santa Monica Pier, July 2004.  I first took this picture in color on my CyberShot, and the preview was all washed out but the composition was so appealing that I switched to black and white and tried again with this result. Once upon a time I swore by the SLR 35mm as being the best camera, but I'm really loving the versatility of a digital.


cneinhorn said...

very pretty!  sometimes a photo looks best in b/w....sometimes color...the versatility of computer software (replacing what we used to do in the darkroom with chemicals) is amazing!  I love digital, although I do still use my 35 mm once in a while....but not often!


kokoapuffy1 said...

Great Shot! This should be in a travel magazine. I like the effect acheived using black and white.

smjr43 said...

I can do black and white through my Kodak Easyshare with my digital.  I love being able to do that to.  It makes some photos look better, as it does this one that you took!!!!

I have a sample in my journal:


has a pic of my husband's uncle and cousin, first in color, then in black and white, I think.

I also love the color photos I took with my digital of my daughter, Carrie at: