Monday, November 21, 2005


Yeah, this was me the other morning when I first saw those hideous banner ads on the tops of all of my journals.  And one week later I'm still not any happier.  I have decided not to move my journals to another blog-host for the fact that I have too much time and work invested in my AOL sites, and I will be walking away from a community that I have grown to love.  I will, however, continue to display my displeasure in AOL's actions regarding the addition of ads onto personal space by including a disclaimer in all of my journals titles until they either remove the ads or offer an acceptable compromise.


rjet33 said...

Glad you are back, Jody.  I missed you.  I just did an entry I am sure you will appreciate.  Check it out:


tc01hm said...

Wonderful all around!

kokoapuffy1 said...

Hi Jody, Glad your posting again. Love the photo! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.         ~Deborah

jlocorriere05 said...

So glad you've decided to write again. It's been quiet around the journals for the past week with so many regulars gone. Jeannette.

swibirun said...

what a perfect pic for the title!!!!!!!

You rock!


mtrib2 said...

Good photo depicting your rage!   mark

gotomaria said...

So glad you are back..I couldn't open your link for a day or two....interesting picture...could scare a turkey!    Might come in handy sometime.....:)

deslily said...

LOL.. gee.. if looks could kill huh? LOL..

I feel the same as you but have divided myself right now.. really upsetting to say the least.. my stomach is still churning over it.  I guess i take things too personal but i sure can't control it.  Even blocking the animation from the button below doesn't work for me.. i can't seem to win. sigh..

I'm glad you are back no matter where you are.. always love your pictures and your other journal as well..

Have a Happy Bird-day tomorrow!!  Eat, drink and forget aol for a while!  We all could use that!

sepintx said...

I understand.  I've been thinking about where to move my photos. It's tough.

You might to look at this:

You can get a look at the disclaimer they tried to add. All you have to do is add beta to your Journal url. I looked at my J with beta and it's a little better. The advert still shocks me.

I've missed your photos.