Monday, September 18, 2006


This tree probably toppled sometime last year, and I know I must have passed it dozens of times as it lay there in the dry grasses without giving it much thought.  After all the rain this fall the meadows are in full bloom and I couldn't help but to be drawn to the fallen tree as it lay there cradled gently by the sunflowers.


radar446 said...

It is amazing how one changed element can just "make" a scene.  Great capture!  Love the panorama effect.


tc01hm said...

Well done! I sure miss the mountains.

mtrib2 said...

I like the detail of the rocks and the color combinations.      mark

rap4143 said...

Love the composition of your photo.

gotomaria said...

The changing, so much to experience each and every time and every one...fall is definitely coming and I'm excited to experience all the newness and familiarity of it all....nice entry!

mtrib2 said...

Hello Dorn    I was hoping if you got a chance you could view the photo in my latest entry.    I think it is one you may enjoy of a park located a half hours drive from me.     I have been visiting journals by going to my sidebar since I can never keep up with alerts.    I always look forward to seeing your fantastic photography and hope that everything is well for you and your family.     mark