Friday, September 1, 2006


If I could paint, this is what I would paint, and I would hang it on the wall above my couch.  But I can't paint so I pretend and I hang my 'paintings' on my blog instead.

Every picture I take has a story that goes with it.  While this picture itself appears serene and peaceful,don't be fooled by the tranquility it depicts. What is going on behind the camera is the exact opposite.

I had just attended the funeral of a friend and needed some quiet time.  I thought a walk by my favorite ponds would ease my mind from the pain.  What I encountered was a whole different type of agony.

Mosquitoes!  A whole squadron of kamikaze, blood thirsty, life sucking critters with me on the menu!  At first they flew along side me like escorts, then they were in buzzing in my ears, peeking up my nose and harassing me with their fly-bys.  Before long they were sucker deep in my flesh, sucking more blood from my body than I ever knew I had.  I probably lost a pound or two from blood loss alone.  How I held the camera still long enough to take this picture, I'll never know. 

But yeah, if I could paint, this is the picture I would paint.  And I would hang it on the wall above my couch.


jaymact1 said...

We do not have mosquitoes here we have midges which are everybit annoying. So sorry your walk was spoiled. Love Joan.

rap4143 said...

Beautiful image.  What we won't do to obtain one :).  Sorry about your friend.


dwhee70041 said...

Dorn,  It is so nice to see pictures of the front range around Colorado Springs.  Your pictures are beautiful (and I know the pain of those nasty little blood suckers, although they are not too bad around Boulder).  My youngest son is taking photography in school this year.  I am going to share your journal with him.  My FIL is a photographer, retired from the federal government.  My son thinks he has film in his veins  LOL.

rbrown6172 said...

i love your photography...and you're a great writer, too.  i'm adding you to my sorry about your friend.

radar446 said...

Wonderful painting and I am often very jealous of a painter's talent.  They can create in the comfort of a home or studio.  A photographer must go out in the elements and face the bugs, cold, and rain to get "that" shot.


mtrib2 said...

That is one of the most perfect photos I have seen and capture the essence of all the elements of an artistic landscape painting!     It is mesmerizing!    What you have described about the way life looks like a serene paradise and in reality can be a hazardous environment is so true.     I believe Al Gore is doing a tremendous service as a spokesperson on global warming.   The ability for nature to adapt in the rainforest ( that is being burnt to raise crops and cattle ) to higher elevation in an effort to stay in a temperature zone required to sustain life will be pushed to the breaking point as well as the artic dwellers losing ice at a rapid rate.    After the ice age it took 10,000 years for the rainforest life to adapt to it's present elevation.    The true meaning of 'standard of living' will be have to be changed to have a planet where material success is not the importance, but to have a planet able to sustain life.    The world can no longer put off this essential challenge to stop the release from burning fuel to create energy.    All the scientific studies point to dramatic change in this century.    mark

wumzels2 said...

ahhhhhhhh, so are really progressings dorn.



rjet33 said...

You "paint" you just do it with a camera and very well I might add!~

Next time you take a jaunt out, SPRAY woman!!!!!  That can be very dangerous!  While we lived there, Colorado had the most cases of the west nile virus and the most deaths, best I remember.  So the word here is SPRAY! SPRAY! SPRAY!

Living back in the heart of Dixie, we are battling fleas and ticks.  ::sigh::  Pulled a tick off of hubby and the dog just recently.  Been fighting flea infestation here in the house with three cats and a dog.  I so miss living in Colorado.  I hope to move back by summer,  will let you know.

Have missed you!~



gotomaria said...

What a great photo and idea.   Maybe you should just print out an 8 by 10 and frame it in an 11 by 14 matted frame.  You could still enjoy it on the wall.....:)  Too bad about those mosquitos..its it funny how the story behind the scenes can be such a really looks tranquil from here.....!!!!

boiseladie said...

OMG, all those mosquitoes!  Your photo is beautiful, looks like a well done painting!

closetpoet421 said...

Wow. This is so beautiful It's hard to imagine it as real. I love the mountains in the background, its almost as if they're protecting this place.