Friday, April 13, 2007


A bull elk rests after a long morning of bugling and sparring with other bulls.  Apparently he was victorious as a dozen or so cow elk grazed contently nearby.

* Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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This picture was originally posted in a test journal which was a trial attempt to update this photo blog.  It didn't come out the way I had hoped (individual pages have an archieve column which throws off the setting of the photos and drops them to the bottom of the page), but I really REALLY liked the photos on the black back ground.  Enter global photo community aminus3. I have been posting there since the end of March on my site "Colorado At The Speed Of Life".  I invite you to take a peek there.  You'll see some of my old favorites, and maybe a few new ones as well.  I shall still keep this blog going because this is my home, my family and friend, but I really enjoy the interaction with the new global photo community.  Check out the Community link while you're there.  Photographers can feature a new photograph every day and some are just out of this world!


mtrib2 said...

I have never seen a pure photograph without editing to make it look like an oil painting --- look just like an oil painting.    I can see brush strokes in the rocks!      You have produced a perfect 'Art Photograph'.    Everything about it; the placement of the bull elk, the color of the grasses, the colors and placement of the rocks and trees.     It all works together in a perfect arrangment.      I have recently produced some 8 X 10 photo's on gloss plus Canon photo paper of the rocks and spring foliage of Ferne Clyfee State Park from 2006,   that I could not be more pleased with.    I made some saturation and contrast adjustments till they were what I wanted.    Now I want to mat and frame them for gifts and I also think they would sell.     I just have so much confidence in the quality of them that I feel in time someone would buy one.     Your Elk would be such a wonderful print for someone to have framed and on their mantle.      mark

midwestvintage said...

 I love this picture.  I have only seen one in the wild before, so majestic.


mtrib2 said...

I have just looked at it more and the way the sunlight is hitting the ground and washing across the photo onto the elk's antler's is just pure perfection.    mark

astaryth said...

First, I LOVE this shot! Fantastic!

So, how do you like Aminus3? Did you have several options for the setup, or are they all pretty much the same? I'm curious because I've been meaning to do a strictly photoblog and was figuring on doing in on Blogger, but this might be a better option with more exposure. Hmmmm.... Are the photos 'tagged' like on Flickr? and are there templates? <LOL> Maybe you'll have to do an entry about Aminus3!

rbrown6172 said...

i love this...and i checked out your photo blog....wonderful shots there too!

radar446 said...

Very cool shot there Dorn!  I'll have to swing by and check out aminus3.  I recently featured another photographer that has galleries there.


Anonymous said...

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