Tuesday, September 7, 2004











Something about these guys just make me go 'ooohhhh'!











A special dance was done for everyone in the audience celebrating a birthday.  Zack had just turned 16 earlier in the month and he enjoyed the tribute.



Rocky was totally entranced by the show put on by the Samoan Fire Dancer and was so excited when he came out later and posed with her.  (would you look at the size of those thighs!)


mzgoochi said...

Great pics Dorn! :o)

cneinhorn said...

love the photos!

hestiahomeschool said...

These photos are spectacular.

wumzels2 said...

hold on a sec, i have to wipe the drool from my lips and chin........ok, now.  yeah, those thighs are very nice..........oops there goes the drool again.......arghhh.  great pics, and by the way, your long haired son looks like he could be my x fiance's son, very cute.  and i don't mean cute, as in gitzy gitzy goo.   i mean cute as in teen rock star cute, lol.  better get you a shot gun dorn........to fight off the young women.  glad you started this new journal.  love pics.  now if i could just learn how to read, lol.  blessings, regina