Sunday, October 23, 2005


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for nominating me for the 2005 ViVi Awards.  Photography has long been a passion of mine, one of the few things I take seriously, and you all have been so supportive and encouraging.  I have been fortunate to encounter so many people who see the world and all of its wonders through the same vision as I.

I am also honored to share the ballot with 7 very gifted photographers, many whom I hold in high regard and have learned so much from over the past months.  Just being placed in the same category as them has been a reward in itself.  I encourage you all to visit their photo journals if you are not already familiar with them.  I'm sure you will be delighted by what you see there.

Ellipsis...- ondinemonet
F-Stop - botdotdotdot
From Every Angle - mskatdabrat
Picture of the Day - deveil
The Road Less Taken - djzgirl71
(sometimes) photoblog - sepintx
WonderGirl - cneinhorn

Again, thank you all for this honor.


rjet33 said...

You sooooooooooooooo deserve it, girlfriend!


angelrose2u said...

I agree with susan!!!!!!


astaryth said...

Me too! I love your pictures!

dbp2000 said...

I am so excited for your nominations!  I love your journals and you already know how much I love your photography!  Well deserved honor!!


tillysweetchops said...

Hello Dorn,

This is my first visit to this particular journal. What a feast for the eyes! I can see why you've been nominated. Big Congratulations to you and best of luck in the final!

Tilly x

tc01hm said...

Congrats and good luck (with all your ventures)!

deveil said...

congrats, you've always been one of my inspirations!


floralilia said...

Clapping!  Congrats on your Vivi nomination!

cneinhorn said...

Congratulations to us both!  :-)

firestormkids04 said...

Just took a look at your journal for the first time!  I love your photos and will be back every time you post.  Congratulations on your nomination for the VIVI's and good luck.  You've got my vote.  Penny

mavarin said...

It's a well-deserved honor.  I especially love the fog photo in the entry about this one.  Tough category, though!  Can I vote for about five of them?  Please? ;)  - Karen

mavarin said...

I hate seeing a typo the second after I hit Save.  I meant the entry *above* this one.  - K.

grahamfarmga said...

This is my frist visit. I saw in a friends journal that you were nominated for an award so I came by to have a look. You have great pictures in your journal. Gongrats on your nomination and good luck!

cw2smom said...

A big congratulations for your well deserved nomination!  Best of luck to you!  You are an awesome photographer!  Lisa