Wednesday, October 26, 2005

TRICK OR TREAT, Round Robin Photo Challenge


My oldest daughter Becca is facinated with macabre movies and decided after watching The Grudge that she wanted to be a make-up artist when she grew up.  She also decided that she wanted to be a zombie for Halloween.  We actually took these pictures in April of this year when she was practicing her craft.

Round Robin Challenge: Halloween Happenings!


thisismis72 said...


nhd106 said...

Creepy...and good!   Nancy

boiseladie said...

Very spooky, just in time for halloween!

ondinemonet said...


Always, Carly :)

mavarin said...

I like all three of these a lot, but especially the second one.  Good choice, using the black and white.
(second RR entry)

tc01hm said...

I'ld say she has a good chance at both! LOL! Spooky and fun!
Happy Halloween!

mariebm56 said...

EXCELLENT photos & makeup!
I can do that with the eyes...have one eye look at the other...; )
That's a special gift!!!...; )

botdotdotdot said...

It reminds me of when I played the ghost of Marley in a college play.  If I ever take up the roll again I know where to go to get my make-up done.  Thanks for sharing these.


sherm197 said...

Scary and it real! This is the first time I've visited your photo site and will be back because I love you Voice and how you speak.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Cool idea for the theme.  She was a GREAT zombie model!!!

memes121 said...

Whoa, cool!

rjet33 said...

First two are quite scary, the third one is funny. :)