Sunday, May 7, 2006


Last summer my kids and I adopted a Canada goose couple who had nested on a little island near the end of the waterway at the Cattail Marsh.  Sadly the nest was raided, probably by raccoons, and the geese mourned for a couple of days before abandoning the nest.  Much to our delight they returned to the nest again this spring and successfully hatched a clutch of 6.  These goslings are 9 days old.  Believe it or not they were swimming before they were even a full 24 hours old.  While the parents brought the babies right over to us for bread crumbs, they kept the other geese at bay.

This picture was never intended.  My night vision is not the greatest and I used the flash to see if there were any animals near the creek.  The light didn't reveal any creatures hiding in the dark, but the resulting picture is almost hypnotic.


rap4143 said...

Love both of your photos.  

radar446 said...

Hey Dorn,

Very nice story about the family of Geese.  Shame their home got destroyed last year, but apparently they thought enough of neighbors (you) to move back into the neighborhood again this year.  Your accidental picture is hypnotic.  You can make out shapes, but nothing specific.  It is a very nice abstract piece.


tc01hm said...

Well done Dorn!

madcobug said...

I love both of the photos. I am surprised the geese came back to the same nest after it was broken up last year. You did good on the photos. Helen

jlocorriere05 said...

Just stumbled across your journal, like you I love taking photos. The Canada  geese one and the night time one are quite magical!! Jeannette

mtrib2 said...

wonderful photo of the goose and her offspring.   the night photo is hypnotic.   mark

princesssaurora said...

Oooh... I love the baby geesies.... so cute!  And the other picture... wow... very mysterious!

be well,

gotomaria said...

I abolutely love these photos.   The first is so cute .. I had photographed a family with 13 little ones last year....and then later as they became teenagers....  the second photo is incredible and you are right about it being hypnotic...amazing.

rickardfoghorn said...

The non intended.. thats some picture... fabulous... Helen