Thursday, April 27, 2006


I became acquainted with this young Great Blue Heron last summer.  I am almost 100% sure its the same one because while all of the other herons will take flight as soon as I come into view, this one will move to the shore, and then upon realizing that I am not a threat, it will resume its search for fish.  Its patience is evident here in this extended exposure shot.  I slowed the shutter down to soften the surface of the water but was able to keep the heron pretty much in focus because it was standing perfectly still while waiting for an unsuspecting fish to swim by.

Patience is a virtue, and the key to survival.  This heron caught and swallowed 3 fish while I watched from the dam.


nhd106 said...

How great to have made such a special, and photgenic, friend!

madcobug said...

Those photos are great. You did good. Helen

redbird914 said...

These are GREAT Dornbrau!  Too bad you don't get paid for it!

paisleyskys said...

I love your photo. Clear as a bell...and you had to be close enough that he did indeed stand unafraid.
We had one come into our fish pond.
My husband laughed when I was telling him all about it...he said it was eating your freshing stocked babies.
Now who would have thought that...not me anyways.
Great pics as always
Stop over sometime..
and Every picture Tells a Story

radar446 said...

I think I have a new favorite of yours!!  The one with the moving water is wonderful.  Isn't it a fun technique?  I'll just warn you, photographing moving water can be somewhat addictive.  I'm still looking for that 12 step program.

mtrib2 said...

Beautiful photo!   mark

monponsett said...

I used to have a heron that landed on my porch in Monponsett. The old owner of my house used to give him fish, and he sort of expected the policy to continue with me.

tc01hm said...

Once again! Good shots Dorn!

jeanno43 said...

Stunning photos especially the one where it has the fish in its mouth. We spend lots of time trying to stop a Heron from taking fish from our pond.

deegleed said...

Just to let you know I visited,