Monday, March 21, 2005


One thing I've noticed throughout my years as as a dancer... there are no ugly Native American Dancers in the arena.  The guys all look like they've stepped right off of the cover of a romance novel.  Another thing I've noticed is that there are more and more eagle feathers, and less and less turkey feathers as the dancers are more easily able to get the traditional materials for their outfits.  As for the more modern styles, well, they just get flashier and fancier, but they still manage to retain their traditional ideals.  Rarely do I look at an outfit and wonder 'whats THAT doing out there?'  They all seem to blend into one category... Cultural Pride.

I learned one valuable lesson this weekend... Auto-focus does not make you an Instant Photographer!  I was really disappointed with the quality, or lack of quality of my pictures.  My first mistake was to use the zoom, which just didn't achieve the crisp clear shots I was after.  I changed to my regular lense, but was still relying on the auto focus.  With that much action from the dancers the auto didn't know what to focus on, thus 258 blurry shots of some awesome dancers.  Next time its all manual!


kokoapuffy1 said...

Great photo's. Sorry to hear you had a problem with your camera.

timwtroy said...

I thought the pictures were wounderful... even if u r not happy with them I wish u could find more of them u have a great eye  for the natural.....thanks julie ohio