Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Pikes Peak at sunrise.  The first picture was taken at around 6am.  The second was about 5 minutes later, as the sunlight washed up and over the mountains.  I used to be able to see this view from my front porch but too many houses block my view now days so I had to take a short drive to get these pictures.  As you can see I still need a lot of work on settings, but even that can't deminish the early morning beauty of the mountains in spring.


demandnlilchit said...

Oh just beautiful!!! Made me break out in song....Cat Stevens..Morning has broken....lalalalallalala!

mkolasa101 said...

Oh yes Pikes Peak...who could ever forget that view in the morning, in the evening, anytime at all.  Have a friend living in Colorado Springs that we come and visit and we can sit out in her backyard and see Pikes Peak.  Thanks for sharing.


kokoapuffy1 said...

Great view, too bad you have to drive in order to see it now. Very beautiful.

smjr43 said...

This looks like the backside of Pike's Peak, maybe from Woodland Park? :)