Thursday, March 31, 2005


I went on a little walk-about yesterday to see what I could see, and this is just a sample of the 120 pictures I shot within a 1 hour period in the little town I live in here in Colorado.

I call this picture "Mikhail Baryshnigoose in Goose Lake"  When I arrived at the park, these two geese were right on the tree line but I was able to coax them up to within 5 feet of me.  The female was so comfortable in my presence that she actually lay down and took a short nap.

This is our neighbor 'Shorty'.  All the squirrels in our neighborhood  are named 'Shorty', only because we can't tell them apart.  Shorty stopped by yesterday for a little snack of sunflower seeds.  He wasn't too happy when my husband arrived home and stood on the buffet table.

Whitetail deer are not indigenous to Colorado.  They are considered a nuisance and are rapidly taking over the grazing grounds of the local mule deer and elk.  Oh, but they are beautiful!


tc01hm said...

Your getting excellent color and detail. Your settings are working. On my D70, I find I like using manual and the shutter or aperture at times.
Tell Shorty Hi!
The geese are beautiful! Great stretch! and nice blurr!    

kokoapuffy1 said...

These are all great shots. Love the exercising goose, lol. Squirrels are fun to watch, just wish they would leave the bird feeders alone. And the white tail deer is gorgeous, just needs to fatten up a bit now that Spring has finally arrived. Have really enjoyed you photo's lately. Thanks for sharing these.

ibleve47 said...

What wonderful pictures. Would love to see all 120 of
them! Send us more.

cneinhorn said...

gotta love the dancing duck! looks like he has an itch somewhere! ;-)