Thursday, June 2, 2005



The dry cattails and thistles that I loved to photograph during the winter and spring are lush and green this time of year.  I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of the velvet brown cattails for they have been favorites of mine for as long as I can remember.

I photograph this fencepost everytime I see it and today was no exception.  Interestingly enough, none of the pictures are the same!


Even the ponds and marsh itself changes between each visit and I never tire of the view.  Unfortunately my children have and today's excursion was solo.  The girls are holding out for the zoo, but if I never smell another gorilla for the rest of my life I'll die happy.


smjr43 said...

ROFL about the gorilla part.  I know what you mean after many excursions to the Denver Zoo and best I remember, it wasn't just the gorilla's that smelled.  Eeeww!
These photos are marvelous as usual.  My favorites are the tree with the fence (I love tree pics) and aw heck, I love all of them!!! :)

demandnlilchit said...

I too am drawn to cattails.....give me a few minutes and I'll have something for you on my blog!

tc01hm said...

The composition on this series is reaaly good and so is the detail, especially the fence and pond!

plittle said...

Gorram it, woman! Every time I drop by here I get more and more jealous of your skill with the camera. Your eye for composition keeps getting better and better.

joolsinwa said...

LOL  yup zoo's are smelly!   love your pics though!! thanks!
~ Julie~

ctx424 said...

So much beauty in Nature. LOVE to see it through your eyes, you have captured it wonderfully

labdancer51 said...

There is nothing better than Nature`s own beauty. These photos could just as easily have been taken in England!  :-)

Sandra xxx