Saturday, June 11, 2005


I didn't quite get the sun in the exact position I wanted, but I think I did pretty good considering that the car was moving at about 55 mph.  Is it just me, or are sunsets more brilliant over the desert?

This  is a view of the Santa Monica Pier from the road.  It was like a time warp on the pier, with sidewalk performers and tiny shops crowded in along the walkway.  Fishermen lined the rails.  While we were there a small sting ray was pulled up and returned to the water.

I don't know what those people were taking pictures of, there was nothing out there.  They were the more interesting subject in my opinion.  I tried to get this picture in color but it came out washed out so I switched the camera to black and white (one of my favorite features on the Cybershot) and came up with this.  I posted a different version of this picture in the earlier entries of this journal but have since aquired a program that allowed me to clean it up a little better. I occasionally go back and try reworking older pictures but most times I'll find that the original was the better picture. This was the exception, today's attempt produced a more intence contrast.


smjr43 said...

I don't know what that last pic looked like in color, but it is very cool in black and white.  The sun is indeed more intense over the desert.  I do agree with you on that.  We saw one heck of a sunset in New Mexico headed back to Colorado, which is nothing but desert.  The rockfaces were gorgeous though and made it a pretty contrast against the desert.  I am hoping I have some of that on one of the many rolls of film I still need to develop.   Never been to California, but have family and good friends who live there.  We had hoped to go to San Diego this summer, but does not look like that is going to happen now. :(  Am really enjoying your photos, even though you are without your camera right now!!!! :)

smjr43 said...

P.S.  Don't you just love how I always come back and P.S. lol?  I have taken the majority of my Mountain photos from the car doing at least 55 MPH!!!!!!

joolsinwa said...

love the black and white look
~ Julie~

sylviam4000 said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.

sonensmilinmon said...

the sunset is beautiful. :-) And thank you for taking me home to Santa Monica - where I was born and raised for many years. :-)


labdancer51 said...

I love the black and white view :-)

Sandra xxx

rap4143 said...

Great shots!!! I have to try using the greyscale.

kakassoff2 said...

            I never get tierd of looking at the grand canyon mother nature is a wonderfull thing .
and she is good about shareing it with us. She only asks that we  respect and don't destroy all her beauty's.