Wednesday, June 1, 2005

RAINY DAYS, Memorial Day 2005


The mountains are rich with color this year.  The leaves just soaked up the moisture and seemed to turn greener before my very eyes.

While the rain slowed everything down a bit, it didn't dampen the spirits of the participants for they knew all too well the devastating consequences a dry summer could have on the land.  The mist just added a new element of beauty to the mountain.

Becca rescued this cicada from the rain where it sat half frozen on a drenched towel.  After it warmed up it seemed happy to stay with its rescuer.  I made her release it before we broke camp.  Unfortunately a cricket managed to stow away in our gear and is chirping quite happily in my kitchen even as I type this.

These muffin tins were just a sampling of the items for sale in the club tent.  It was set up like a store from the days of the settlers.  Most of the customers who passed through were also dressed in period clothing.

The furtrader next door was able to sell most of the skins by the end of the weekend. The hides will no doubt show up as part of some participant's outfit at future events.


joolsinwa said...

it all just looks like it was so much fun!

labdancer51 said...

The photo of the mountain is fantastic. What animals are those skins from ? :-)

Sandra xxx

smjr43 said...

Oooh, the furs are beautiful.  Looks like bear, coyote or wolf, fox, and marmot or beaver?  Did I get any right?  Love all the photos.  The mist on the mountain pic is very cool.  I have one similar that I took when we lived in Palmer Lake.  Keep up the great photos!

smjr43 said...

Lemme try that again, hubby came in unexpectedly.

First one looks like a Bear, second one coyote, five or six fox, a couple of coons, and a couple of marmot or beaver (they look a lot a alike).  Left out coon in last entry and I KNOW those near the end are coos from the striped tail.  Also looks like "burgler mask" on face, which is what I have always called the dark stripe across the coons face, lol.

tc01hm said...

From the tipi through the rain, I feel as if I went too, thanks, Dorn!

mkolasa101 said...

What a super fantastic post and the photographs, oh my the photographs.  You saved the one that almost blew me out of my chair for last.  I felt as if I was back in time when I lived in that tee pee with the cloroful painted symbols on it by the river bank, but that was many, many lives ago.  Just a vision I had once when I was meditating, but that picture took me back there.  Thank you for that and thank your for this marvelous post, now I know why I read others journals.


I have a prayer request on my last post for a Friend of mine from Colorado who is heading to NM to help a dying friend.

boiseladie said...

I love the texture of your muffin pan against the burlap.  And, the misty mountain shot is great!  Again, all your photos are great!

berrycat326 said...

your pics are great! you seem to be so full of life and enjoying it so much! oh, how i envy you!!!