Thursday, June 16, 2005

ZOO (again) June 16

Today was the perfect day to take my young, visiting neices and nephew to the zoo.  An earlier rain had cooled the air so it wasn't too hot or muggy.  The 2 older children had specific animals that they wanted to see, but 5 year old Miki was happy with the chipmunks.

This is a 'kori bustard', which is penned with the giraffes.  Its a very tall bird, and very inquisitive.  I never really got a clear picture of this one because when it wasn't running in circles around the tree below me, it was trying to get a better look at my lens.  I knew it was going to be too dark but I was pleasantly surprised by the way this picture turned out.  Believe it or not I used no special effects, I merely sharpened it and removed a spot or two.

There were 3 peacocks out today, but no sign of the peahens.  The males called loudly to each other but there was no colorful displays of tail feathers.

The Mexican Gray Wolf Woods exhibit was our last stop and we timed it perfectly.  The wolves had just been fed and were very active.  This wolf was missing the tip of one of his ears. The picture was taken through a large glass window that serves as part of the enclosure for the forest habitat. The wolf was actually staring at my son beside me who wanted to see what would happen if he tried to make eye contact and stare down a wolf.  The wolf stared for almost a minute, and faked a lunge towards my son but never bared its teeth.  It made a few more passes in front of us before it joined the others in the shadows of the trees.


swibirun said...

Wow, what a beautiful bird.  Your zoo must be proud of its peacock (for everyone old enough to remember NBC's old slogans)

debbted said...

Wonderful animal shots. :-) Tell me what camera and lens you used please. My journal is under SassyDee50/SassysEye. Email me at

tc01hm said...

The 'kori bustard' had his impact on me this AM! What a great face and pair of eyes, you got his character.

rap4143 said...

Wonderful pictures.  I want to go to the zoo with you LOL.

smjr43 said...

I have zoo pics from several trips to the Denver Zoo.  Bet these were taken at Cheyenne Mountain?  The pics are wonderful as usual.  That is a gorgeous wolf!!!!
I also have pics of the peacocks and chipmunks, but yours are waaaay better!!!!

labdancer51 said...

Look at that wolf, what an intelligent expression.  They are wonderful animals.  Great pics...again! :-)

Sandra xxx

southernmush said...

Hello again....I am in the middle of a book titled "Blue Moon". This book talks beautifully of wolves so I am glad you shared this picture of The Mexican Gray Wolf. Thanks for sharing your journal.

sonensmilinmon said...

The Mexican gray wolf is beautiful! You captured him wonderfully.


gotomaria said...

The photo of peacock is so sharp and wondrous.  Have you ever seen an albino peacock?  That is an interesting site.   Thanks for your zoo photos..I love them.   The wolf is so sweet somehow and the squirrel is cute too.  

blondew2brownies said...

I love animals. They were all great photos.

kakassoff2 said...

  The wolf that you captured was very beautifull and that shot of him was great.
thanks for shareing.

                                                                                Kerri Kassoff.