Sunday, July 3, 2005



The Renaissance Festival is held in Larkspur Colorado, just south of Denver, where a permanent kingdom was erected for the annual event.  The setting is perfect with a rock formation in the background looking like castle ruins.

Fair goers are greeted from the castle wall by the Royal Court.  The festival runs through the months of June and July during the weekends.  Some of the performers do the circuit across the country, traveling from festival to festival while others live in the surrounding areas and work part-time.  They all dress the part and when you step through the castle gates it is as if you step back in time.

The Festival is ruled by the Royal Court who dress up in their royal finery.  Weddings are often performed at the festival and the bridal party is invited to join the Royal family for the day.

One of the main attractions is the jousting tournaments.  Naturally there are good knights, and there are bad knights, and they put on a jousting exhibition for the fair goers.  These knights in shining armour are, of course, the good guys.  This time good prevailed and the evil knights were defeated.  Next weekend the outcome may be different.  It doesn't matter who wins though, the show is always exciting.  If you have never been to a Renaissance Festival and ever have the opportunity to do so, I highly recommend that you do.  And dress up in a costume that you either make, buy or rent for the day.  It enhances the experience ten fold!


gotomaria said...

Looks like lots of fun!  Great pics.  Very colorful...the Castle is a nice touch for these events...I would never have guessed in Colorado...there are some here Kent, Washington called the Canterbury Festival...however, I think that this one is much better with the horses and all.

penny4rthots said...

It's wonderful how we can take these excursions with you.  I indeed feel like having gone via your photos and descriptions of the things you see and the place you go.

astaryth said...

A town near here (Largo) has a permanent site like this also. The festival here is in the spring (I missed going this year :(   ). I love going to these things and watching all the little entertainments, and shopping at the booths.

cneinhorn said...

oh that just looks like so much fun, would love to go to one of these!

smjr43 said...

Dorn, my husband did a lot of work on houses in Larkspur, so I know exactly where the site is where the Renaissance Festival is held.  We would see all the folks dressed up when we would go by to the subdivision he was working in.  My husband never had any wish to go though, so we didn't.  Looked like it would be fun to me.  He has been in Colorado for the last two weeks and is headed home now.  They have been having some radiator problems with the bus he is driving back for his brother.  He called this morning and they had made it as far as St. Louis, but he still has a ways to go, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.
I will be on pins and needles until he gets home.  I missed the Monument 4th of July parade for the first time in three years.  I always enjoyed that.  Even after we moved to Broomfield, my daughter and I drove down for it last year.  It is always a very cool parade with an arts and crafts show afterwards.  Keep taking those wonderful pics for me.

Happy 4th.

riverdaughter196 said...

We have a permanent renaissance fair near us.  The king is Henry VIII and the Queen Anne Boylen.  I used to go every year.  But I haven't been the last two years.  It was always fun.

labdancer51 said...

Lovely photos.  It all looks very interesting.  :-)

Sandra xxx

tc01hm said...

The Festival runs here in the Fall, way to hot in the Summer for all the costumes. Last year the tropical storms kept me from attending.
My first experience with Renaissance festing was on the west coast back in the mid seventies. Your troup looks to really get into the atmosphere! Thanks for sharing!

mtrib2 said...

Great looking festival!  Colorado is one of my favorite places.
Take care and God bless,

sylviam4000 said...

Your pics are so colourful and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

rap4143 said...

I just felt like I took a mini vacation :).  Thanks for sharing!!!

mkolasa101 said...

Wow, another great entry.  Love the photos of the josting and the King and Queen in Red, almost like being there with your wonderful narriating.


southernmush said...

Good evening...I have never been to the RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. I would have liked having lived during the time of King Arthur and his Knights Of The Round Table. That would have been something to live through.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I haven't been to one of these in many years.  They are FUN and a unique way to spend a day.  Your photos are great.  Especially the king and queen!!