Monday, July 25, 2005


We went to Pueblo yesterday to do some fishing, but when we got to the spot that my husband and his friends used to duck hunt at, we found the water dried up and the riverbed was completely over grown with vegetation.  Our disappointment was very short lived though because the scenery was breathtaking.

It was easy to let my mind wander back into the days of the Native Americans and pioneers who once traveled through this area long ago.  Even more awesome was the thought that I was seeing some of the same landmarks they would have seen centuries ago.

This is a corner post of the Swallow Community Cemetary.  The cemetary lies on an outcropping by the old creek bed with 3 sides looking down onto what was once a lush waterway.  Even now it is a peaceful and scenic place to Rest In Peace.

We decided to go west and try our luck at Brush Hollow.  We didn't catch any fish there either, but I was able to get a few pictures.  As I have been finding lately, my better shots are not my most interesting shots.  I took some closer shots of this Great Blue Heron, but I captured some blackbirds in this exposure which I felt added character to the tranquil scene.


tc01hm said...

Thanks for the preview, LOL!
I'll be hitting the road for CO tomorrow night or early Wedns. AM. We are driving and planning to take 287/385 out of TX/OK to Larmar then 50 over to I 25 at Pueblo. Final destinations, first a bithday party in Lafayette then down to Del Norte to visit some more friends! Any suggestions?

kokoapuffy1 said...

Too couldn't go fishing. But see you managed to take some great shots of the area.          ~Deborah

mtrib2 said...

Colorado is a tremendous place to photograph.  It was many years ago that I was there.  I hitchhiked from Chicago to Stockton Cal. and back.  Also went on vacation with my family when I was young.   Photos are really excellent.  Every photo is unique, and you capture the moods in your personal way.  Take care,   mark  

scotthlori said...

I was wondering what type of photo edting software you used, if any.  I have been trying to pin point which software would be for me...there are so many, my head is spinning!!  


smjr43 said...

I loved Pueblo.  Miss it very much. :(  Lovely pics as usual!


sjadair said...

Wonderful pictures and commentary.  Enjoyed them a lot.