Sunday, July 17, 2005


I never get tired of the Garden of the Gods.  Recently, when my sister visited, I took her and her husband.  My sister had been there before but this time she would be able to record her visit with her camera.  This was the first time for my brother-in-law.

I didn't really intend on taking more pictures because after being there as often as I have been, there are few pictures I could take that would be unique.  This day offered a different view though as storm clouds darkened the sky and gave the park an entirely new and dramatic look.

The park can be dangerous during a lightning storm and as tempting as it was to stick around to catch the light show which promised to be spectacular, we decided that it would be best if we left before the storm hit.

Later, my sister and I reviewed our shots and I really wasn't surprised to see that we had many similar pictures.  The main difference that I saw was that she took many more pictures of vegetation and flowers while I gravitated towards structures that play with light and shadows.  We spent some time assuring each other that the other was the better photographer, but truth be told, for as many similarities that we have, it is our differences that bring us to the same level. 

My sister has shared some of her pictures from Hawaii with me and has given me permission to display them, and I will once I get caught up on everything that I have neglected during my summer visitations. 


mtrib2 said...

Breathtaking photos Dorn.   You are so right, the dramatic sky gives a whole new dimension to the park.  I have all them saved to look at on my full screen.  Thanks, and of course I would never use them without your permission for anything other than viewing.   ~mark~

scotthlori said...

Wow, I never get tired of looking at your pictures!  Breathtaking!


gotomaria said...

The stormy skies add some real mystery to these incredible shots...thanks again for such great photos.

boiseladie said...

It is just beautiful there!  The storm looks pretty ominous.

smjr43 said...

I got to go many times to GOTG while we lived in Colorado.  It is a magnificent place and the name truly fits it well!!  Your photos are awesome!


kokoapuffy1 said...

I really enjoy these GOTG photo's. Glad you got to spend time with your sister and bro-in-law.