Wednesday, December 7, 2005


When I left the house this afternoon it was 1° .   My husband had told me about a photo op he had passed on his way in to work and I had no trouble finding it.  Steam from some heating vents across the street blew over and against this fence, freezing it and everything in its path.  I was only there for maybe 30 minutes max and by the time I returned to the truck, my fingertips were so cold they felt as if they had each been hammered mercilessly one by one.  I definitely need to invest in some good cold-weather photographers gloves.

This is just one of the many trees that had become encrusted in ice from the steam.  At one point I slipped and fell against the tree.  The ice shattered and it sounded like glass falling.  I half expected the tree to break but it just shook off the splintered ice and bounced back to its original position.  I'm sure I provided the construction crew across the street with entertainment as I slipped and slid across the icy slope but I was bound and determined to get my shots.  I actually only fell once, despite all of the close calls.  Fortunately I was too numb from the cold to feel anything (except for my fingertips!)

After thawing off a little bit I went to the reservoir.  The water was completely iced over and covered with a blanket of snow except for where a pipe emptied runoff from the other reservoirs into it.  There the water still flowed and steamed.  The forecast predicts an overnight low of -11°.  Judging by the clouds surrounding the mountains in the distance it won't be long before the temperatures begin dropping.


plittle said...

I love your photographs. Have I said that before?

astaryth said...


sepintx said...

It's freezing here, but I don't think I'll be seeing anything like what you have.
Nice shots!

deslily said...

Oh.. thanks for the reminder of "cold" lol.. it is a heat wave here 23 degrees and snow on it's way..

fabulous pics as usual!!

sassydee50 said...

Dorn~I esp. love the snow/ice clinging to the tree shot! Blessings & warmth, Sassy

boiseladie said...

That IS cold!  The fence is a very interesting shot.  My favorite is the tree branches encrusted in ice.  Thanks for sharing.

gotomaria said...

Ice is always so interesting.  The crystals and the way they contrast with blue sky in your pictures is phenomenal...I feel like I am there.  Great job.  I've finally gotten the hang of putting in larger pictures in my entry too.  Not all my pictures but some fun things too.   Keep it up!


bgilmore725 said...

Your photos are beautiful... what a great camera... maybe that is why you didn't get any more gifts for Christmas??  Anyway, you are an artist, and have an artist's eye... but how do you get those big pictures into your journal page? Seriously. I'll be back, and I'm adding your site to my post alerts. Got any closeups of butterflies or moths hatching from their cocoons? Love your journals.