Thursday, December 29, 2005


My lens finally died from injuries sustained by my unfortunate collision with the cactus patch this past summer.  My husband tried gallantly to revive it but the damage was too great.  To ease my grief, my husband bought me a new lens.  This one is a 55-200 mm zoom, kind of an in between lens, but very nice. These mule deer graciously posed as my first subjects.

What I like best about the new lens is that I made fewer lens changes to get the variety of shots that presented themselves to me.  Hopefully this will result in less stress and wear on my lenses and camera.  I have come to the conclusion that the best way to prevent wear on my camera because of the constant lens changing would be to buy a camera for each lens.  That way I'll never have to change the lens and risk getting the camera and lens dirty!  Sounds perfectly logical to me!


deslily said...

Hi Dorn.. great pictures.. you never let me down..

Ummm about this: "buy a camera for each lens".. ummm, "good luck!"

tc01hm said...

Good luck with the new telephoto. Did you get the fast one, F/?

mtrib2 said...

I have finally gotten back to your journal Dorn.   All the photos I have missed alerts on made my day brighter.   You have such a joyfulness about your images.   Also a serious memorial contribution to our country's service personal, your son being one of them.  Your photos are so excellent that some publication could possibly contract your photography.   Sometimes it is wise to acquire the equipment necessary to pursue your advocation of capturing truly unique photos.  Wishing you the best in furthering your beyond hobby photography.   Hoping your family has a great New Year!   mark

helmswondermom said...

Beautiful pictures!  Thomas says that that would have been the *last* picture those deer posed for if it'd been him!  He also says that he's with you on the changing-the-lens thing.  He feels that way about his guns.  Why change a barrel or a scope when you can just have a seperate gun with the correct barrel or scope on each one for whatever *presents* itself.  BTW it's the last day of deer season here tomorrow.  He got four this year.

rjet33 said...

Ooooh, I always loved the sunsets there.  Deer photo is wonderful too.  I managed to get photos of both sunsets and deer while I lived there.


gotomaria said...

I think I remember your cactus accident entry...:)  Having multiple cameras would solve the lens changing problem but not the 'How do I hold all these cameras' problem...which I sometimes run into when friend want me to take pictures with their cameras as well as me trying to take my own pictures with mine!!!...also when I have to take my camcorder as well as my camera.....always a challenge.  LOL.   I love these shots in the woods ...your new lens seems to be working just fine!   You have a very smart husband....makes your smile....for the birdy that it! :)