Saturday, December 17, 2005


My intentions this morning were to photograph the moon as it hung over Pikes Peak at daybreak.  Unfortunately my camera had been plugged into the computer all night and the battery was completely drained.  With my back-up battery MIA, I had to wait while my battery charged, and in that time snow clouds stole over the mountain and hid the moon from view.  I settled for an impromptu visit to Manitou Springs.

Manitou Springs is a quaint little tourist town that even the locals love to poke around in.  Many of the shops date back to the turn of the century.  With business seasonal and mostly dependant upon tourism, it takes a special kind of personality to make it in this town.

While all of the other trees shivered beneath bare branches, the hearty pinetrees seem to thrive in the cold and provide lush color in the otherwise barren landscape.  Alas, I too succumbed to the winter chill and had to call it a day after just a couple of hours.


yankeeatheart79 said...

I LOVE your pictures!!!!  I forget what kind of camera you use though.

I told DH I want a Digital Rebel XT!!  Hehehe, a girl can dream!


dhga30047 said...

I loved going to Manitou Springs when I was stationed at Ft. Carson.  Seven Falls is a beauiful place also.  I also loved going to Turkey Creek Ranch.  Do you ever get to go to Cripple Creek?  It was a pretty ride.  I was there is 1994, so things have changed big time I'm sure.  

I admire your talent of picture taking.  

deslily said...

"bras optional"??  LOL.. they obviously don't get "old lady" customers! hahahaha  Trust me on this... it would be DEMANDED, not "optional" LOL LOL

great pics as always!

debbted said...

Dorn~Beautiful pine cone shot! Lol re. bras! Merry Christmas to you & yours, Sassy ;-)

kingadamus said...

ever since i was real young i wanted to be a wild life photographer. i always go to walmart and look at them big cameras with the super kung fu zoom action and drool. did u have a nice xmas? shermeen got me some really nice things. made me wish the gifts i sent her were better. i hope u enjoy the new year. slothy out.

psychfun said...

Love the Bras optional one!