Tuesday, December 6, 2005


A cold north wind blew winter in over the Rockies and I woke Saturday to find my part of the world covered in a soft blanket of white. By the end of the day there was 6 inches on the ground.

Believe it or not I was not the first person visiting the pond that morning, but the other visitors stayed on the main path.  I wanted to see what one of my favorite places looked like in its winter coat for although I have lived here for 11 years, this was my first visit to the pond after a snowfall.  I was not disappointed.

The whitetail herd that I had befriended over the summer greeted me like a Beverly Doolittle painting.  They are probably used to human presence by now, but I like to think that they recognized me from my many earlier visits.  The fawns have all lost their spots but are still curious.  I look forward to spending more time with them, but duty called and I had to return home to get ready for work.  There is snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  After taking care of a few errands I plan to spend the rest of my day off at the pond.


tc01hm said...

Beautifully done winter scenes, put me right there! Enjoy your next trip out there.

astaryth said...

FANTASTIC shots! I abslutely LOVE the deer shot, but all of them are great!

libragem007 said...

oh! breathtaking! I love it when it looks like this...Picture perfect snow!
Happy Holidays,
Gem :-)

deslily said...

Ohhh gawwwd!.. I am soooooooooooo envious!!
once again your pictures are fabulous!



rjet33 said...

Sorry I have not been around, Jody.  I have been so freakin' busy, but HAD to have my Jody fix, so I came right over! :)  Love these photos of winter in CO.  Gawd, how I miss living there.  At least, once again, I can see it through your eyes.  Beautiful!~Thanks for sharing!


P.S.  I looked at all of the photos I have missed, but don't have time to comment on all right now.  I love Manitou Springs!~ :)  Been there and done that a few times!  Cool to know we have walked in the same place.

mariebm56 said...

More Beautiful photos......
My friend lives out there somewhere.....your photos are really tempting me to go visit her...; )