Tuesday, February 7, 2006

BEAR CREEK, January 24, 2006

The chickadee is such a friendly little bird and doesn't seem to mind the presence of humans.  This little one kept me company for about half an hour and seemed entertained by my terrible mimicing calls.  The thing about these little birds though is that they are so hyperactive that they are near impossible to photograph.  No sooner did I start to focus when he'd be off to another branch.  I never did get a good shot, most are missing tails or just a blur of feathers.

It had been my first visit to Bear Creek in almost a year, and I had never seen the resident mule deer before.  They were equally curious about me.  Unfortunately I no longer have my regular lens and have to use my zoom on everything, which is so frustrating when I find myself in close proximity to opportunities such as this but have to pan out for a longer shot just to focus.  This little yearling was almost close enough to touch at one point.  What I love is making eye contact with the animals, to see that they are seeing me, that they know I am there but its okay.  I don't try to hide because if the animals know I am there they are less likely to be startled when I make a sudden move or sound.

The mule deer herd grazed next to me for close to an hour until some hikers came down the trail with a beagle who had scented the deer from up the hill and barked all the way down.   The does ran over towards me, not the least be concerned by my presence, and waited to see what the beagle would do.  I ended up shooing the deer away before the dog could come off the trail since the owners had absolutely no regard for the park rules (No Dogs!).  I don't blame the dog, it was acting on instinct, but idiots like those hikers who blatantly disregard rules that were set up to protect the animals while at the same time allowing us to observe them in their natural habitat... well, folks like that justbug the stuffing out of me.


tc01hm said...

Your Chickadee is a nice candid full of motion. Feels as if he could flit right off his perch. I would love to catch my White Tails but they come by too early in the AM.

paulajlambert said...

I adore your blog and your photos. I adore this entry. You are part of my Zen time and I thank you so dearly.


gotomaria said...

You've been quiet for a few days...hope all is well.  The birds are probably missing you....:)

deveil said...

wow I havn't seen a mule deer in ages, they ar so big.


rjet33 said...

Have been to Bear Creek.  Such a beautiful place.  Been through Coal Creek Canyon and Glenwood Canyon.  Such beautiful mountain drives.  Gawd, how I miss it there!  I ache to be there.  Maybe one day............................................If one of those huge boulders had come down off the mountain and smashed me flat like it did a few folks while we lived there, I would not have cared.  At least I would have died happy!  Thanks so much for your photo journal.  At least I can still see the beautiful wild life and places I miss so much through your eyes.