Saturday, February 25, 2006



Seven Falls is a popular tourist attraction during the summer but traffic slows down dramatically during the winter.  When I got to the admission gate I was warned that the falls were frozen and the stairs to the the top of the falls as well as the hiking trails were closed for the season.  I decided to take a risk and drive in any way.  I am glad that I did because what greeted me was a whole new kind of beauty.  Contrary to its appearance, the falls were not entirely frozen.  Water still ran swift beneath the thick shell of ice on the surface.

At first glance I thought this was an unused road or trail but it is actually a stream that flows from the base of the falls.  Like the falls itself, only the surface is frozen.  Beneath the snow and ice runs an ice cold, crystal clear mountain stream.

My trip to the falls gave me the opportunity to practice my snow shots.  The first was washed out, the second was dark.  In my third attempt I simply switched to a night setting that automatically adjusts to the existing light, and this was the result.  I'm happy with it for now but I know the camera has so much potential if I would  just sit down and read the section in the owners manual about the different manual settings.


dhga30047 said...

Memories....  I visited Seven Falls in the Fall when I was stationed at Ft. Carson.  Great Place!!!  Donna

fairynuffok said...

"I know the camera has so much potential if I would  just sit down and read the section in the owners manual about the different manual settings."

I'm the same - I read the owners manual of my camera, thought oh great, look at all the settings.... and then put the manual away neatly back into the camera packaging and haven't looked at it since.  Every time I come to a situation where I want a different setting I wish I'd paid more attention and given the instructions a run through but...... <sigh>

Do you think it's a gender thing?

nhd106 said...

oh how I know that feeling of not reading manuals...yikes!  but nice pics you got here!

deslily said...

ugh! just looking at those stairs makes my back and legs hurt more!!

but as usual.. fantastic pictures Dorn..

rap4143 said...

Very pretty winter images.  I was hiking in the snow it can be dangerous not knowing if there might be water, unless you are familiar with the area.

rjet33 said...

This was a place we wanted to visit but never got to.  Thanks for sharing!