Friday, February 17, 2006


I haven't been able to take my camera out lately due to scheduling and weather conflicts.  This opened up an opportunity for me to go back and look through my old files.  On average I snap about 100-200 shots on my excursions, but only post between 2 and 4 of the images.  That leaves dozens of images filed away to be forgotten as the next batch of pictures are uploaded.  I spent several minutes with this bullfrog at the pond but ended up using another picture for my post later that day.  Today I found I was drawn once again to his nonchalant gaze.

Porcupines used to be a common sight along the roadside in the evening, but construction eventually drove them deeper in to the woods.  This was the first sighting of the prickly critter I've had in about 4 years.  He was sleeping high in a cottonwood tree and completely ignored my attempts to rouse him so I could shot of his face so I had to settle for a shot of his Mohawk hairdo instead.

Mourning dove are no dummies.  They know when dove season is and are scarce then, but during the off season they are as thick as mosquitoes.  I used to have a pair of collared dove and mimicked their cooing to catch this dove's attention.  I'm sure I didn't make any sense at all to it but the dove sat there and tolerated me and my camera without any apparent fear.

I know, I know... don't feed the animals, but he was looking at me with hungry little squirrelly eyes and I just had to share my granola.  I love watching squirrels handle objects, their paws are more like little hands with hairy fingers.


djzgirl71 said...

Those are fantastic pictures Dorn.  Thanks for sharing!


tc01hm said...

Glad you took that look and gave us a chance too!

redpoppy007 said...

You are good! Love the pictures!

astaryth said...

I do this from time to time also. I, like you, take about 300 pictures on a day spent at the zoo (that's what my 2 (1gig) memory cards hold... and I always seem to fill them up <LOL>). Often I will take several pics in a 'burst' mode hoping to get a good one. I usually pick one, but the others are often good ones too. Now, I think I'm off to go look at old pictures <g>

nhd106 said...

Gotta love the old stuff!   These are so good...

paulajlambert said...

Just gorgeous. I so love your photos and am so glad I found your journal. You are a gift.


P.S. I was so glad to see from Deslily's journal that you noted her! I follow her blogger site. I'm a former aol'er now on blogger. (Nothing to do with "the exodus"--I just ended up there.)