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Memories....  I visited Seven Falls in the Fall when I was stationed at Ft. Carson.  Great Place!!!  Donna
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dhga30047 - 2/25/06 9:53 AM

If you've been to Seven Falls, then surely you'll remember Starr Kempf's kinetic yard sculptures at the base of Cheyenne Canon.  A few years ago the residents of the neighborhood won a battle with the family, stating that the sculptures were in violation with the city zoning regulations, and that the tourist traffic was disrupting the neighborhood.   The larger sculptures which were found in violation of the city's height restrictions were removed but the others remain.

Starr Kempf (1917-1995) was a local artist who's display of larger than life wind activated sculptures have delighted residents and visitors of Colorado Springs for decades (myself included).


One might view the sculptures as decorating the lush grounds of his home, but I always felt that the story book home that sat in the background seemed to be more of an afterthought that decorated the grounds of the sculptures.  The giant sculptures shine brightly in the sun and move gracefully in the wind, but make not a sound.  I have always marveled at that. 

"With the steel sculpture, I can aim at the clouds.  With the human form I am too sensitive to the possibility of butchering it.  With these sculptures I am not bound by realism.  That bird isn't necessarily a bird; he is both abstract and representational.  Working in the steel I am most free."  Starr Kempf  (1987)


paulajlambert said...

Once again, you've blown me away. This is great, and thanks for the introduction to the artist. The previous entry is great, too...water swiftly moving when it appears to be frozen.

What I like so much about your blog and your photographs is that you manage to capture (so easily it always seems) in images ideas/ideals that I try to write about. I keep swearing I'm not going to leave comments, and every time I do I regret it, but I can't seem to help myself. Part is that I want you to know how moving this all is to me--and others, no doubt--so that you'll keep it going! (I even provided a link to one of your entries in my blog: ).  But the bigger part of it is that the entries have a meditative quality, and they DO help me in my meditation practice. I live in central Ohio and it is not nearly as lovely here in the dead of winter. There are things to see and look for, and I do, and I appreciate much of it, but I grew up in New England and miss mountains.

And now I've left the longest comment of all...sigh.


rap4143 said...

Beautiful art.

kokoapuffy1 said...

Glad that a few sculptures remain. Would love to see them move, with the wind. Great photo's Dorn.               ~Deborah

southernmush said...

Hello........I had to come by and tell you that I am happy to read your journal its wonderful. I'm glad you put the pictures of the sculptures in your journal they are wonderful. I would love to have some of those sculptures in my neighborhood. I also keep a journal titled "Dear Diary". I hope that you will come by and say hello. Here is my link --------------->

This journal of yours is a great one.............Please continue your journal. Thanks for allowing me to come by. Take care.