Friday, April 1, 2005


This was taken at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  The natural rock formations are awe inspiring at any time of the day or year.

Pikes Peak as seen from the Gardens.  I never get tired of gazing at the Peak.  Needless to say, my house didn't get cleaned today, but somehow I just can't make myself feel guilty.


kokoapuffy1 said...

Love these shots, and so very happy that you share them with us. Used to live in Arizona, and miss being able to see the mountains in the distance. Don't worrry about cleaning your house. It will still be there waiting for you, unless you hire someone to clean it for you. (And I don't commute to your state. LOL!)
Hope you have a great weekend.

demandnlilchit said...

Look at it this way.....the dust bunnies got a stay of execution! lol Well at least for a day! lol

looking4forever said...

Your entries are making it HARD for me to stay put!!!! I am DYING to relocate to Colorado ... I actually LOVE the Golden area. Looking at these pictures are just confirming the fact, in my heart and mind, Colorado is heaven on earth!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Mary ... AKA Looking4Forever

mkolasa101 said...

Oh my yes....Garden of the Gods...I know the Garden of the Gods.  Visited a friend in Pubelo and he took us to Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods.  I could have spent the night there but you know how time is.  I'm going back the next time I visit my friend Dixie we live up in Colorado Springs..  Thank you for letting me experience it at this time of year.  


sugarplum61355 said...

Your pictures are so inspirational.  Keep up the beautiful work.

smjr43 said...

To looking4ever:

Colorado is heaven on earth.  I had the privilege of living there for three years and four months and it was the happiest three years and four months of my life!!!!I hope to be able to live there again someday, but it was expensive to live there.
House payment there was $1375.00, which was low compared to some of my family and friends.  House payment here in Alabama is $375.00!!!!  We had friends in the military who had a house payment of $3000.00 a month!!!!


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