Tuesday, May 31, 2005

CANNON RANGE, Memorial Day 2005

My boys spent the weekend on the cannon range, thanks to our friend and cannon-master Singe (gentleman with beard) who allowed the boys to shoot his cannons and mortars.  Art (with pony-tail) was the only experienced shooter in his young team so they didn't compete but I doubt anyone on the range had more fun than they did.

My husband invested in this beauty and is part owner although he rarely gets to fire it because its hard to pry the boys away from it when we go to cannon shoots.

Zachary did not compete this year either but fired just as many balls as any other team.  This cannon, owned by Singe, is affectionately called 'Little Rusty' for obvious reasons. 

Its apprearance is deceptive and it has brought home many medals in the past for Gabe and Zack.  Despite access to bigger and fancier cannons, this one is the boys' favorite.

These cannons belong to another team.  Cannon teams are encouraged to dress in pre-1900 attire.  The plaque is from a motar that was built by Singe in honor of his son and our friend Nolan who died tragically in 2000.  Nolan loved to shoot the cannons and mortars, so every time this one is fired, it is fired for him and we feel that he is with us.


smjr43 said...

Great entry, Dorn!!!!  Looks like you have a beautiful family!  Thanks for sharing.


rap4143 said...

Wonderful shots!!! Thank for sharing!!!

joolsinwa said...

looks like it was a blast! LOL
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sunflowerkat321 said...

Wow...REALLY cool pictures...especially with the blast of fire!!

labdancer51 said...

Excellent pictures. Those canon shots are very impressive. :-)

Sandra xxx

redonionsauce said...

What camera did you use?  These are amazing/

cneinhorn said...


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boiseladie said...

What an experience, cannon shooting!  Great photos!