Tuesday, August 16, 2005


My computer situation has gone from bad to worse.  I am now working off of my husband's laptop, which is too tiny and delicate for my clumbsy fingers.  I hate technology!  No I don't, not really, because without it I wouldn't be able to have so much fun with my camera and computer (when it works!)  I spotted this coyote as it ran across the street by the shooting range where it's kit was waiting.  There was a male and a second kit as well but this was as close as they would let me get.  (I thought these were a type of fox but my husband identified them as a young family of coyotes, possibly looking extra scrawny because of the season)

I startled a doe from the thicket next to the pond where my kids were fishing so I took a peek to see where she had run off to.  I had to stop almost as soon as I stepped into the meadow for about 50 yards away I spotted two little pointed ears sticking out from the thistle.  The fawn instinctively froze in place and didn't even wiggle an ear, I almost didn't see it, but it was watching me the whole time.  When I took one step too close and invaded its safety zone, it jumped up and in the direction the doe had gone, but stopped a little ways out and watched me watching it.


rjet33 said...

I so miss seeing all of the wonderful wildlife in Colorado.  At least, I still get to see it through your eyes.  My soul may be living in Alabama right now, but my heart is still in Colorado!!!!! ;-)


riverdaughter196 said...

I love your photos.  They are sooo beautiful and wonderful.

tc01hm said...

You have some great haunts for wildlife. Two nice captures, congrats!

rap4143 said...

Shaking my head, there is NOT a day I don't love your photos!!!! Outstanding!!!!  

psychfun said...

I love the deer...playing Hide & Seek? :-) That is worth an entry in a contest!



sylviam4000 said...

We have wildlife around here, but not in the abundance you do. I love your journal. Am a real country person and really appreciate the natural wonders around us. Thanks for every single entry.

astaryth said...

That fawn picture is OUTSTANDING! It would make a great entry into a photo contest.

mtrib2 said...

Capturing a moment of the young one being taught its place by the older and wiser mother fox is spectacular.  The appeal of the doe in the thicket is tremendous.  You seem to go where the photos are.  Can only imagine what you might capture next.   mark

kokoapuffy1 said...

WOW! These are great shots! I have been trying most of the summer to get photo's of a red fox and 3 kits, with no success. Someone is watching you! lol. ttfn

fitzzer said...

Sorry about your computer troubles. Gosh they can be such a pain. Can't live with them or without them I guess and I appreciate your efforts to keep posting! You really have a gift of capturing such special wonderful shots. I always look forward to seeing what you've found next!