Sunday, August 7, 2005


The only thing fresher than green leaves is wet green leaves.  Summer rains have been generous this year.

I have to satisfy my enjoyment of flowers away from my home being as my gardening skills are quite lacking.  This floral arrangement adorned the head table at a recent wedding.

Evidence of my husband's Hopi heritage is all over my house.  This is just a small sampling of our collection.  Most of the baskets, pottery and kachinas were given as gifts.  Some are quite old while others are contemporary and were crafted by a new generation of artists.


rap4143 said...

All lovely photos.  I'm a collector of all sort of things, it's fun displaying around the house.

sylviam4000 said...

Your photo's are so lovely. thanks for sharing.

tc01hm said...

LOL, I'm not Native American and I didn't decorate in So West but my collections resemble your hubby's. Thanks for sharing his!

swibirun said...

I did not know what "kachinas" is/was/are but from the picture, my guess is it is the Hopi word for bling-bling?

Great pictures as always, Dorn!


rjet33 said...

You have such a talent, Dorn!!!  I have a Cherokee Heritage myself.  My grandfather was full-blooded!!! :)  Guess that is where my brown eyes come from.
GREAT photos!  I would expect nothing less from you. :)

debbted said...

Hi~Gorgeous photos as usual! Love the Hopi collection. Blessings, Sassy;-)

mtrib2 said...

Enjoyed all photos.  The Hopi collection is wonderful beyond words.  mark

glendar0812 said...

Love the Hopi items ... they're perty.  I know how it can be frowned upon when us nearly completely americanized white folk claim their ancestry having native american roots so I will simply leave it at that.  Great photos.