Thursday, March 16, 2006


PART 1:  Monuments around Washington DC


My husband is in Washington DC this week and naturally took my camera so that he could take advantage of the abundance of photo opportunities to be found in our nation's capitol.  I give him a lot of grief about depriving me of my camera, but the truth of the matter is that he has been taking pictures for just as many years as I have and really does have a good eye.  These are just a couple of what I hope are hundreds of pictures he takes of his visit.  The first shot is very easy to identify as the Washington Monument. 

The second is the Korean War Veterans Memorial. This memorial, with its etched reflection wall and larger than life statues, was a priority because both Steve's and my father served during the Korean War.  I also lost an uncle on my mother's side to the fighting there.  I once asked my mother how her mother took the loss of her oldest son, and my mother said that my grandmother was strong and hid her grief, but that her heart had been broken by the loss.  Now, years later and with my own son far away on a distant shore fighting for another country's freedom I have a better idea of just how strong my grandmother was, and just how fragile she must have felt at times.

Beautiful pictures Steve, I wish I was there with you.


tc01hm said...

I agree!

rap4143 said...

Very glad I do not have to share my camera :).

sdoscher458 said...

Ok I have to admit that his shots are good. I can picture him standing there waiting for the sun to hide a bit behind the monument...but your pictures are so much more in detail, close my friend have "the eye"....Sandi

princesssaurora said...

THe pics are excellent, but don't worry, you are still the Queen!!!

be well,

nhd106 said...

OK...the shots ARE incredible.  I let my fiance use mine sometimes and I'm often impressed (grrrrr!) with his

teeisme57 said...

Seems every spring when I was a kid my mom asked my dad to drive us down to D.C. in hopes of seeing the cherry blossoms. And it seems we never quite made it on time. They were always on the ground. I suppose it's too early for them.

jckfrstross said...

very nice:) hope to see more:)


matthewbam said...

Love how you used noise in the second one!

mtrib2 said...

Interesting photos and the Korean War photo has multiple depths to it.   mark

mutualaide said...

Beautiful pictures!  Can't wait to see more!

radar446 said...

The monument picture is wonderful.  I love the way the flags are backlit and full in the breeze.