Monday, March 6, 2006


"Scouts Out", photograph by Gabe

Today I am featuring a photograph taken by my son Gabe who is currently stationed in Iraq.  My first impression when I saw it was of Washington crossing the Delaware.  There is something so comical about the shot, and yet its hard to forget what led those young men to that location.  I honestly thought that was Gabe standing at the front of the boat and pointing, but am prouder of the fact that he was actually the taker of the picture.  That's my boy! (Look, there's Gabe's shadow on the side of the boat!) 


redpoppy007 said...

I am glad you are still able to get email from him.
When do you think he will get to come home?
I hope it is soon our troops will be home.

mariebm56 said...

At first I thought this was real, then I took a closer look & realized that they were not in muddy water........dah!  :::::::sigh:::::::
Cute photo....Your son takes after you!!!
He has a great sense of humor & a good eye for photography.

deslily said...

i wish they all could come home.  there's just so much anyone can do for someone else, then it's time to leave.  I really believe it's time for our young men to come!

mtrib2 said...

This is the first photo I have seen where the photographer is related to a journal person and is stationed in Iraq.    With seeing the news daily about the dangerous climate that exists there, I can try to put myself in the soldiers frame of reference and seriousness.   Him and the other soldiers have my prayers that they will safely return home.   It is an honor to view him and his fellow soldiers doing their drills.    mark

rjet33 said...


I have not been around much due to working two jobs and life, but I have not forgotten Gabe nor his comrades.  Love and prayers are headed their way!