Friday, March 24, 2006


Temperatures reached the upper 40's this morning so I along with many other folk took advantage of a sunny day off and went outside.  It has been a while since I visited the Garden of the Gods so I headed out that way.  I always get such a nice view of Pikes Peak there, and today was no exception.  I shot this picture while waiting for the hikers to move out of vision so I could take just a scenery shot, but after viewing the pictures later I found the initial shot with the hikers to be more appealing.

I happened across this old bridge and was setting up for a still shot when a biker rode past.  Suddenly the bridge was no longer just a piece of scenery, it was part of a story.

These riders also crossed my plane of sight and I was lost interest in a distant hill in favor of their obvious enjoyment of the day and companionship.  Yes, spring is definitely, finally in the air!

Note to self:  Start carrying the tripod with you!


nhd106 said...

What wonderful photos!   You are incredible...

tc01hm said...

Excellent shots! I'm worn out from the Spring activity!
You miss azaleas but I sure miss the mountains. Thanks for the view :D

rap4143 said...

Wonderful images.  Did you notice the first picture's rock formation looks like the profile of an indian.

mariebm56 said...

Love the  rich earth tones in the top photo & how the fence draws you into the picture.  Lovely photo!

plittle said...

Love that first one. The eye is naturally drawn to the group of people. Rule of thirds rules!

mtrib2 said...

That is a good element to have action in the photos.    I can only imagine what the feeling is like looking at the distant mountain.    mark

paulajlambert said...

My first thought, when the top photo sprang up on my screen, was "Gosh, that would be such a great picture if the people weren't in it." Then, as I scrolled down, read your text and saw the other pictures, I thought this: that humans are part of nature, just as sacred. We forget this, that we are part of something that we do not have to fight, or destroy. We are not a bigger part, and definitely not more sacred, but we do belong--we are part of the picture.

Sometimes, Dorn, the text is necessary. The pictures don't always speak for themselves.


rjet33 said...

That view of Pike's Peak is absolutely stunning.  God, how I miss that view.  Thanks so much for letting me see it again through your eyes.  I soooooo want to move back there!  All of the photos in this entry are lovely, but the Pike's Peak photo is my favorite.  I loved visiting Garden of the Gods and got to go many times while living in Palmer Lake.  That was truly the happiest time of my life.