Sunday, March 12, 2006

SPRING STORM, and a new lens.

Last night while I was at work my husband went to the camera store uptown and bought a replacement lens for the one that I had fallen on during the summer.  This one is an 18-55mm lens, the same size as the one I broke.  Naturally I had to get out this morning to try out the lens.  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and a storm hung menacingly over the pond.  Within an hour of taking this picture the temperature had dropped drastically and we were dusted by little puff balls of snow.

Maybe they greet all of the trails visitors with the same enthusiasm, but I like to think that the deer recognize me.  This doe didn't hesitate to walk over.  I'm sure the fact that I had a couple of apples in my pocket had nothing to do with her response.

Lucky for this squirrel it hadn't shed its winter coat yet.  We have had a relatively mild winter so far but it is not uncommon to get snow in April and May in the foothills of Colorado.


rap4143 said...

So glad you have a replacement lens :)...lucky for us!!!

tc01hm said...

Love that you replaced your lens. Neat images! Wonderful color on this first one.

mtrib2 said...

I think the weather was perfect for your top photo with the marsh grasses and reflection.    The lens is super and I am sure your are enthusiastic having gotten a great gift from your husband.   May it serve you for the longest time.    Somehow I did not get your alerts turned on and have been visiting and commenting in all the journals I have had time to allocate to.    I went down thru your entry's and caught up on the wonderful photos.    I have one new artwork in my first journal if you would like to see it.   Have a great week and I know you will be eager to use the new lens.     mark    or click screen name.

astaryth said...

I have my eyes on a new lense. As soon as we get moved and settled in, it is MINE! <g>. Nice Pics!

Hey, is that the lense that came with your camera? I was thinking that the 18-55 is the 'normal' lense you get when you buy an SLR....

mariebm56 said...

Lovely shots, but the top one is my favorite.
How you find green in the winter is beyond me!

nhd106 said...

Just beautiful!   Nice to get that new lens again...nice for us to share in it!

wumzels2 said...

dorn, i love the storm picture.  i always love when the backdrop is cloudy and ominous and the sun is shining in the foreground.  makes it have an eerie sorta look.  the pond with the pondscum and the dead grass, the dead trees, an absolutely beautiful picture.

the doe is pretty too.  amazing how close she will come......apples or not.  as for the squirrel, that is one fat squirrel.  but how on earth can you take pics of these beautiful creatures then go out and hunt them..........sigh.  guess i am just not a hunter.

keep up the great photography.