Sunday, March 5, 2006


A popular attraction in Pueblo is the Arkansas River Walk.  In 1921 the river flooded and left the city of Pueblo submerged under 11 feet of water.  The river was later diverted to a reservoir and the original river bed dried up, until it was excavated and brought back to life for the 2000 opening of the Arkansas River Walk.  Tucked in between busy streets and tall buildings of Pueblo's historic downtown district, the park's boardwalk atmosphere offers a relaxing get away for tourists and residents alike.

This is just one of the many statues and sculptures that grace the pathways along the river's edge.  This particular series of children at play is by local artist Rick Willits.

It is hard to believe that this peaceful river had once turned into a raging monster that took the lives of 100 people.  What was once the cause of great devastation and despair is now the source of joy and pleasure.


Cool, clear, water.....


rap4143 said...

As always, lovely images.

nhd106 said...

What great shots...makes me want to be there.   But man...mother nature sure can be fierce!

gotomaria said...

Hi,  haven't left an entry for awhile but I just wanted to say your photos are just so wonderful.  Did you notice that the last one of the water is a good likeness of a lion's head?   They say the March comes in like a lion with all the wind..boy is that try here in Seattle.  Love the river walk...they have something like this in Tulsa, Oklahoma too....I visited there last year...and in Spokane, Washington too!

mtrib2 said...

I enjoyed the Arkansas River Walk.   mark

rjet33 said...

I love the River Walk in Estes Park.  Although I have been through Pueblo, never saw this pretty spot.