Sunday, September 25, 2005

Autumn Morning

Here is another picture from my visit to Garden of the Gods.  The leaves in the park are just starting to change colors but the evergreens are as green as ever.  The moon was still shining brightly at 10 o'clock in the morning.  It was such a beautiful morning that even the moon wanted to stick around to enjoy it a bit longer.

Did I ever post a picture of the statue of George Eber Duclo?  It stands in Manitou Springs Memorial Park.  George Eber Duclo, a resident of Manitou Springs,  gave his life in service during the first World War.  The park was dedicated to him and all of Manitou's sons and daughters who gave their lives for their country. 


nascarfan6720 said...

Love your pictures keep them coming. This is the best time of the year.

rjet33 said...

I see a little bit of color in those leaves!!!!  Autumn is my fav time of year.  I will miss being there this year, but Alabama Autumns are very lovely.

Thanks for letting me still see Colorado through your eyes, Jody!!!!


southernmush said...

Hello.......Once again this is a wonderful entry you've written. The photos are just as amazing....I like your journal in every way. Keep writing !!!