Friday, September 9, 2005

IN MEMORY, 9/11/01

Colorado Springs is home to the International Fallen Firefighters Memorial.  A long wall stands behind the flag poles with all of the names of the brave men and women who gave their lives while trying to save others.  The largest entry was for September 11th, 2001.

A bronze firefighter is immortalized in eternal grief for his fallen commerades.  Sadly I noticed that along the granite wall were many empty slabs that will some day, all too soon, hold the names of many more firefighters.


I was not directly affected by the tragedy of September 11th but like most Americans it touched my very heart and soul.  My thoughts are with the families of all who were lost as a result from the attacks that day, the crew and passengers in the airliners, the workers in the Towers and the Pentagon, the service members and all of the City, State, Federal employees and private citizens who went to their aid. 

Soft and gentle is the breeze that lifts the pained and weary from the rubble, whisping away to a place as soft as flower petals upon a grassy hill.  Fragrant is the wind, quiet is the night, peaceful is the sleep.  I do not fear death for it cannot hurt as much as life.  But life is worth the pain.  I do believe this.


joolsinwa said...

I am so nervous for this pending anniversary, our protection is spread so thin with the  hurricane relief,
awesome memorial!

rap4143 said...

Our family was touched, our friend's son, his brother in law and two classmates of my children.  My nephew was late for work, was arriving in the lower level just as the plane crashed.  The subway was able to get out in time. Father Michel was  friend and at one was a priest of our parish.

rjet33 said...

That is a beautiful entry, Jody.  I never saw this the whole time we lived in Palmer Lake, just outside of the Springs.  It is awesome.  Thanks for sharing.

memes121 said...


boiseladie said...

Beautiful there, so many lives lost.

apratt9844 said...

  Great photos and the best journal I have seen Thanks,  Molly

mtrib2 said...

Great subject matter for your tribute Dorn.  The verse reading at the end is one of the most powerfull I have ever read.   Another would be the Gettysburg Address.