Thursday, September 15, 2005


I've started a photo/message journal on my other screenname (eek!  I'm running out of ftp space here!) featuring patriotic photographs and messages of support for our troops abroad.  Many of the camps are now equiped with internet access and I'd like to create a forum where the service men and women can see the amount of support their countrymen have for them on the homefront.

As many of you already know, my oldest son Gabe is deploying to Iraq at the end of September.  I have been keeping a journal of letters to him since he left for basic training in October of 2004.  Its scary that he hasn't even been in the Army for a year and he's already being sent to war.  Needless to say I'm scared to death but he is doing what he has always wanted to do... he's serving his country just like his father and grandfathers.  Gabe is one of my most loyal lurkers, he reads all of my journals although he rarely comments.  It is a window to his hometown and he is always peeking in every chance he gets.  I plan on continuing the entries to him during his absence because I know that if he has the chance he will be able to visit his homeland, even if its just a brief cyber-visit.

Please feel free to visit the journals and submit any photographs or messages you'd like to share with the brave men and women of the Armed Forces, the sons and daughters America.


WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! (photos & messages)


madcobug said...

If you want to put  pictures in your journal by bypassing the ftp space these two sites offer free space up to a certain amount each month. I use both of them for storing my pictures to use in my journal. and Just pull up the site with your pictures in them first and minimize them before you pull up your journal then go back and forth inserting your pictures. They are fairly easy to learn how to use. I prefer the flickr site. Helen

memes121 said...

God bless him. God bless them all. Tell him I said thank you.

astaryth said...

You know I love your Letter to Gabe journal.... and I'll be trotting over to check this one out too!

mzgoochi said...

Dorn, it took forever to load but it was well worth the wait. You have some amazing photo's in here.


mtrib2 said...

I will pray for the troops and know that they are viewing your journal.  We live in such a violent world and must remember what peaceful existance is like.  God bless,    mark