Thursday, September 8, 2005

IMAGES IN INFRARED (fun with PaintShop Pro 9)

Liquid Leaves

Just a couple of my experiments with PaintShop.  In these two pieces I used the Infrared tool.  You can adjust sharpness, blur, angle and a few other things, but they mean nothing to me.  I just kept clicking [OK] and this is what I got.

Midnight Peacock

This is one of my favorite subjects, the proud peacock from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.    He is always so happy to pose for me.

Each day I notice more and more files are missing after my reformatting.  Folks, I can't stress this enough, if you haven't already done so, back up all of your photo files.  If you ever have a system crash and you don't have your files saved on a disk somewhere, they are gone forever!  I am so grateful for the ones that were saved, but it breaks my heart to realize the precious moments I had captured with my camera that are now forever lost.  Back up your files!


rjet33 said...

LOL, I just did that yesterday (back up my files)!!!!!  I also transferred them to my second computer!!!!!!

I want to learn how to do the PaintShop Pro, just have not had the time.  Bought the PhotoShop Elements also and have not had time to mess with it. :-(

Have a blessed day, Jody!

rap4143 said...

Great fun playing with the programs.

scotthlori said...

As someone who is just learning PSP, I appreciate the fact that you tell us how you enhanced your pictures.


madcobug said...

Love that peacock. Helen

emmapeeldallas said...

I love these pics, and thanks for being so generous with your comments, and telling novices like me how you're doing this.  I also enjoy reading your entries and seeing your pics.


mariebm56 said...

Midnight Peacock is beautiful.   Very striking~

southernmush said...

Good evening......These pictures are quite beautiful. The colors in these pictures are lovely. I have really enjoyed reading and looking at your journal. Thanks for sharing these treasures......

boiseladie said...

My favorite is the peacock too!  I love how that turned out.  And like you, I hope everyone backs up their photo files.  I fear losing those precious moments you cannot retake too.

acyrlicstains said...

Beautiful Peacock glowing in neon blue!~

mtrib2 said...

The Peacock is tremendous.   mark