Monday, September 26, 2005


This little locust nibbled happily on some berries while I crawled around trying to get a good shot of him.  Usually they are shy and will hop away if I get too close, but this guy had more important things on his mind.

Yet another desert locust.  This one tolerated me for a short while before backing into a hole.  Unfortunately the hole was too shallow to hide in so it crawled back out and hopped away.

Here's a tip when trying to photograph dragonflies.  If you spook one away, just stay put, it will probably return shorty.  (thanks Sepintx) .  Not only did this dragonfly return, it landed even closer.  When I got the shot I needed, I moved away, and it followed me, landing just infront of me.  Too cool!

I had a semi-decent picture of this Cabbage White as it tiptoed across a flower, but if you've ever seen them, they like to fold their wings up together.  I snapped this picture halfheartedly as it fluttered away and was pleasantly surprised by the result.  The butterfly itself is not focused, but it still made for a delicate image. (thanks madcobug for the butterfly link).


rap4143 said...

I didn't know about the dragon fly returning :). I photographed wildflowers pretty simular to yours.

glendar0812 said...

The periwinkle wildflowers are simply beautiful.  You truly have a gift ... i appreciate your postings which bring beauty to my soul at the end of a long hard day at work.  I work with a photographer nearly once a month .. I schedule and he shoots.  We take mostly food and product shots but early last week on the most gorgeous of days we had the opportunity to step out on the boardwalk by the ocean and view the crashing waves and just drink in the stillness coupled with power and tranquility the earth provided ... moving on we went to the park which is on the bayside of the barrier island I work on ... movement of air and stillness brought about more joy.  This shot reminds me of that day and how it's moments which we reflect on that propel us forward when we can't seem to find a sense of hope.  Things have been difficult the past couple weeks/years actually.  I got a great surprise when I returned home ... The perverbial check in the mail.  Found money!! Woo Hoo.  It's not alot but a long overdue bill got paid and now maybe a few others will also.  It's in the waiting/the stillness such as your art that the work is done in the heavens while we witness the wonder and the majesty of the handiwork of the Master and his vessels ... Thank You for sharing this with us today.


dbp2000 said...

What kind of berries were those?  Looked like the locust was pigging out!

madcobug said...

Beautiful shots. You are welcome for the butterfly link. Helen

tc01hm said...

Locust in hole/ floor?, gotta love it!

sepintx said...

Dragonfly liked ya! Love the whole set.

abell1999 said...

Love the dragonfly picture.


psychfun said...

Cute! Love the purple flowers!