Thursday, September 15, 2005


Brisk breezes blow down through the mountains, just passing through and yet taking the colors of summer with it as it continues down towards the distant seas.  Green slowly turns to brown as the seasons gradually change.

Flowers bow their weary heads to the approaching fall.  I can't help but anticipate the changing of seasons.  It is not the deminishing of beauty but the metamorphing to a beauty of another kind, a different caliber.  It is the orange and golds of the changing leaves, the crisp misty mornings, the luke warm sunsets, the soft velvety cool of moonlit nights.  I can almost smell its approach.


mariebm56 said...

Your photos are always crisp, clear & the color superb.
Postcard quality.
Love your work~

rjet33 said...

Gorgeous and beautiful, as usual!!!!  Love the way you worded this entry.  I love Autumn, it is my favorite time of year.


rap4143 said...

You know what huge fan I am of your photogrpahy :).

psychfun said...

So pretty! I'd love to just be able to relax there for a week or so!

cneinhorn said...

ohhhh I really like these, especially the second one!


southernmush said...

Hi ! You picked one of my favorite times of year. I love, love, love, love the season of Autumn.....pumpkins, candy corn, caramel apples, hot apple pie, vanilla ice cream, leaves changing, the crisp air, hot apple cider, pumpkin pancakes and many more. This is the best season by far,,,,,,..The smell of Autumn is in the air.

mtrib2 said...

Beautiful photos and words.   mark