Friday, May 6, 2005


The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun sits just above the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  The regal castle like structure is a memorial to the late great Will Rogers.  We didn't have time to visit the shrine today because what began as a beautiful morning ended up as a very wet afternoon and we ran back to the truck while being pelted by sleet.

The rain eventually caught up with me at home, but by that time the sky over the mountains had cleared.  Theres a corny saying here that goes like this:  "If you don't like Colorado's weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change."  That is so true that it isn't even funny any more.


joolsinwa said...

LOL  still lovely pics
~ Julie~

gotomaria said...

Your photography of the landscape is very compelling:

Haiku for you:

Black threads fall from sky
Rolling hills, waiting
Dark ground, light glimmer, ready

Thanks for the inspiration!

labdancer51 said...

Stunning....!  The second photo would look great in a frame on the wall.  :-)

Sandra xxx

mariebm56 said...

This is an amazing photo!!
Very dramatic & intense~

tc01hm said...

Lots of impact here, very nice!

mkolasa101 said...

Great Photo - I got up and went to get a cup of coffee - coming back it had a more three demensional effect from the dark clouds hanging over almost as if they were moving out towards the screen.


cw2smom said...

Funny comment about your weather!  We have one similar here..."We call this the land of four seasons.  Sometimes it happens all in one day!"  LOL!  Lisa

bookncoffee said...

Love these pics....
Hey that weather you describe in Colorado....that's our weather here in middle TN.

auburndawn said...

Love your photography!  In particular I am fond of the hot of the rain on the mountains, and the candid shot of the heron.  :)  You have a great eye, and evidently the patience of a saint.  lol!

ccigale1234 said...

theses Pictures are great work, great shots, nice writting .  I hope you have an appropriated position in life ,you do very good work. Don't stop.

smjr43 said...

Thanks for visiting my journal and for your comment about the fog on my pond.  I thought it looked very eerie too!  We are not sure what it was not lightening that struck a tree and the smoke drifted over the pond because when I stepped out on my deck to capture the photo, the stench was ungodly.  As for this picture, that has to be made from somewhere in the Springs with Pikes Peak in the background, as I have seen that view many times during the course of living there.  If it were a perfect world, I would still be there.  I miss it SO much and left behind many friends there.  There is a chance I may be able to come back soon, as we still have belongings in storage in Broomfield and my brother-in-law is moving from the Springs to Alabama where I now am, and we hope to be able to come and help him move, so we can say goodbye properly to our many friends we left behind in the Springs.  I never got to make it to the Cheyenne Zoo, although my husband did a lot of work in houses on Cheyenne Mountain, but I chaperoned my daughter's class trips to the Denver Zoo several times.  Please keep sharing your photos of the area and enjoy being there for me.  You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

wbcampixf3i said...