Wednesday, May 4, 2005


This little snake had a giant attitude.  It actually came after me!  All of the other snakes I'd encountered slithered off as quick as they could in the opposite direction, but this guy came right up to me and head butted my boot before continuing on its way.  If it had been a poisoneous snake I'd be dead because I just stood there laughing at it. 

I suppose I really don't look like much of a threat to the creatures at the pond by now and they tolerate me as I continuously thrust my lenses in their face.  I could have picked this frog up if I wanted to.


tc01hm said...

What a wonderful day even if it did rain. That bull frog is a great focus and water movement reflection. My garter snake tolerates me too but all the frogs around here are getting jumpy(excuse the pun).

labdancer51 said...

Great pics!  I love the other comment about the frogs getting jumpy! lol :-)  Sandra xxx

smjr43 said...

Fortunately for you, Colorado only has two poisonous snakes and both have rattlers, the western diamond rattlesnake and the massasauga.  So if you ever hear rattling, don't stand there laughing, get the heck out of dodge!!!!!!!